1. Partnership
    1. Players are obliged to respect the spirit of sportsmanship, fair-play and respect for others. Tactless, unethical, and vulgar behavior will not be tolerated.
    2. Every player plays alone and without any additional support. It is forbidden to use the help of other players, programs, books, etc. during the game.
    3. Registration and participation in the League is free.
    4. The league organizers communicate with players by distributing announcements via email, Facebook, and Discord (each announcement is copied/shared on these three channels). It is the participant's responsibility to regularly monitor at least one of them.
  2. Registration and dropping out
    1. Each player can join the League by registering on the website at any time. However, if registration is during the League season, active participation in the games will start from the new season.
    2. You can resign from playing in the League at any time by contacting the League Administrator, but by resigning during the season the participant agrees to forfeit all remaining games.
    3. If a player has doubts or does not know their strength (ranking), they are obliged to report to the League Administrator by email with a request to determine the strength.
  3. Game rules
    1. We play using Japanese rules, 19x19 board, 6.5 komi, the colors are assigned automatically before the start of the season.
    2. The games are played online on the OGS server or on the KGS server in the Polish Room. The OGS is the preferred game portal. The game can also be played "live" with the obligation to save the game record.
    3. The playing time is 40 minutes with Japanese byō-yomi 3x30s.
    4. It is allowed to change the game schedule if both players agree.
    5. Players are required to disable game analysis on the OGS portal.
    6. New players start in groups of similar strength.
    7. At the beginning of the game it should be noted that it is a league game (write “IGLO” in the game chat).
  4. Game schedule
    1. Unless the players agree otherwise the games take place on the default date provided on the website.
    2. With the consent of both players, the date of the game can be changed, but no later than the last day of the round until 8 PM. The participant who would like to change the date informs the other player about it at least three days before the default date of the game by the preferred form of contact specified in each player's business card on the website.
    3. The game schedule should be updated on the website before the original date of the game.
  5. Reporting the game result, loss
    1. A player who does not propose a new date and does not show up on the default date forfeits the game.
    2. After being 30 minutes late, the late player loses by forfeit.
    3. The results are reported using the website. The winner should report it in their profile.
  6. Games in EGD
    1. League games are not submitted to the official EGD ranking unless the majority of the group members decide to.
    2. Games in groups with EGD can only be played on the OGS portal.
    3. You can apply to join by checking the option "I want to report my games to EGD" in your profile before the start of each season.
    4. Each player who participates in the group included in the EGD ranking is required to record videos of their games.
    5. The recording should include the player and the screen on which the game is played, in a way that the game is clearly identifiable, and the quality of the recording must allow it.
    6. The recordings do not have to be made public anywhere, but the participant is obliged to keep them until the end of the season.
    7. In the absence of a recording if there are any doubts about the player's use of doping, the game will be analyzed by the teachers and the AI system.
  7. Objections
    1. If there is a disagreement between players or any suspicion of using electronic doping, immediately report it to the League Administrator.
    2. In disputes the final decision is made by the League Administrator and it is irrevocable.
  8. Detailed rules for groups
    1. Each group usually consists of 6 players, except the last group, which may have a different number of players (depending on the number of players for the whole season).
    2. Groups are played all-play-all or "round-robin" style, and the last group using the McMahon system only if there are more than 6 players.
    3. Breakers:
      • for the "round-robin" group: number of wins, SODOS, starting position,
      • for the McMahon group: McMahon score, SOS, SOSOS, starting position.
    4. Promotions and relegations:
      • two top rated people from the group may be promoted to the group above,
      • two lowest ranked people from the group may be relegated to the lower group,
      • promotion and relegation are not guaranteed (e.g. the number of players in a season can change as a result of adding or removing players).
  9. GDPR
    1. The GDPR clause in relation to League participants can be found at:
    2. By registering on the website, you declare that, in accordance with Art. 13 (1) and (2) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (Journal EU L 119 of 2016) you have read the content of the GDPR information clause, including the right to access and correct the data, as well as that the provision of this data was voluntary.
    3. By registering on the website, you declare that you have read and accept the terms of service.